Who Will I Be at the SCBWI-Wi Masquerade Ball?

In late October, I will be attending the fall retreat of the Wisconsin chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I’ve been to several of this group’s workshops and retreats, and they’ve always been fun.

This year’s fall retreat includes a Masquerade Ball, and we are encouraged to dress up as characters from children’s stories. I love dressing up! I still haven’t decided who I’ll be. Several months ago, I asked my Facebook friends for some ideas. Here are my favorite:

I may be too stout to be Amelia Bedelia amelia-bedelia

and not stout enough to be Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. mrs-piggle-wiggle

As Mary Poppins I might be practically perfect….mary-poppins


Being the White Witch would be fun. I could drape my wedding dress with icicles; I wonder if it still fits….


To be the Wicked Witch of the East, I would need to find striped socks and ruby slippers (or silver, from the book). I could wear a house, OR I could be creative with the rest of the costume. According to the book, all witches wear white. Again, if I could just squeeze into my wedding gown….

One of my favorite suggestions is the Paper Bag Princess. Who remembered that the bag was so short? I think I’d make my bag a little longer.paper-bag-princess

If I want to rent a costume, I could leave the human race behind.  I absolutely adore the One and Only Ivan.


And as my cousin said, being Celeste would be a hoot, although it might make conversation and dancing and just about anything else a challenge.


If you have any additional ideas for me, leave them below. After the fall retreat, I’ll post pictures of the event, and you can see who I chose to be!



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