The Stolen Goldin Violin

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Bayly Hall, age 13, is getting her first full-sized violin. Her parents have consented to buy a Goldin, one of the most expensive and impressive violins in the world.
Hunter Petersen, age 13, is back for his sixth year at the American Suzuki Institute.
May Wong, age 12, has never been to a music camp before and is nervous that she might not be good enough.
Sebastian Phelps, age 12, is from a large, musical family.

When Bayly’s Goldin violin disappears, Hunter, May and Sebastian vow to help her find the thief. However, institute is only a week long. Will they have time to compile the clues and solve the mystery? Join Bayly, Sebastian, Hunter and May in their week at the American Suzuki Institute as they race the clock and learn about life, music and being detectives.

This book is great for Suzuki students, kids interested in music and any avid reader.

Written as a family project by Elizabeth, Andy, Craig and Tom Felt, this is a NaNoWriMo book.
The Stolen Goldin Violin
ISBN 978-0-9844507-0-1

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