Waking to a Poem

Within fifteen minutes of waking, a poem had fully formed in my head:

After my grandmother died,
my mother told me of a dream
she had from time to time

In my mother’s dream,
my grandmother was alive
There’d been a mistake
She hadn’t died

It was a great relief, my mother said,
and her dream was filled with joy.
But when she awoke,
it was like losing her mother all over again.

I haven’t had that dream
I long for it

To discover that there was a mistake
that my mother is not dead
To see her again
to enjoy her company and conversation
her gentle and kind ways
her smile

I would gladly pay the price
of the pain of waking up and losing her

To be with her again, if only in a dream.

I believe in revision, and this poem has not been revised. I will revise it, over the next weeks and months and it will become a better poem.

But I had to post it today because today is my mother’s birthday.

Costume Dress

I was trying so hard to get the camera angle right, I forgot to smile.

I have wanted a nineteenth century gown for a long time.  How does one go about finding something like that?  I contacted the theater department at the university to find out what they do with costumes after a performance is over (answer:  they keep them).  I did learn that the department’s cutter/draper sometimes does freelance projects.  How could I possibly justify the cost?

Then, out of the blue, a friend who is moving asked me if I would like a regency gown she had had made for a costume party and will probably never wear again !!!!

I answered “yes” very quickly.

I hope to upload some better pictures soon, but for now these will have to do.  This is the full view.  I’m not too happy with how it looks, but that is more the fault of the person in the dress, than the dress itself.  (Note to self: make time to exercise!)

I’m hoping to take this to the Historical Novels Society conference in June (and get some better pictures).

When one of my historicals is finally published, I plan to do book signings in costume.  This could be one of the costumes, but I will probably hire that draper to make a costume that is more era-appropriate depending on which book I’m selling.  Charlotte’s Inheritance and Syncopation are both mid-nineteenth century, while Wilde’s Wager is late nineteenth century.

I guess I’ll just have to write a book to go with my new regency-era, Jane Austen-style gown!