Below are my novels. Links lead you to published works. Finished, revised, ready-to-publish stories are next, and WIP stands for Work In Progress: the stories I am currently writing. Busy as a bee, that’s me!

Novels for adults:

Syncopation: A Memoir of Adele Hugo is the fictional autobiography of Victor Hugo’s scandalous daughter.

Wilde Wagers is a farcical mystery/romance that pairs as sleuths an actress and an aristocrat in 1880s England. The follies occur because of a series of wagers initiated by Oscar Wilde.

WIP: Outlandish is a humorous contemporary love story about a failed writer who takes a vacation to Scotland. Through a series of mishaps, she finds love while avoiding being murdered.

Novels for children:

The Stolen Goldin Violin is a mystery that takes place at the American Suzuki Institute, featuring four tween musicians.

The Steppe Sisters is a steampunk Cinderella told in alternating first person by the stepsisters: Dru, an autistic science-lover who vows to finish her father’s work, and fashion-loving Lottie, who gets tangled in the Queen’s revenge plot. The Cinderella story is there, but you’ll see how complicated the stepsisters’ choices really are and why they behave as they do.

A Mobius Tale is the Snow White story with a twist. After many happy years with the dwarfs, Snow White seeks her destiny. The Queen is ready for her. It is the story you know. . .  and more.

WIP: The Little MERmaid is a steampunk Little Mermaid. A Mechanical Emergency Response automaton wishes to be human. When her wish is granted, she must make a gay boy fall in love with her or end up in the junk pile.