Wilde Wagers

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Wagering is all the rage in late Victorian England. Oscar Wilde bets that actress Olivia Snow can fool a group of country bumpkins into believing she is Genevieve Lamb, the wealthy beauty of the recent Season. The weekend will prove a challenge for the old-fashioned actress and Genevieve’s handsome and old-fashioned brother, Philip, because the manor is filled with all sorts of ridiculous and eccentric characters, as well as one murderous criminal. While Olivia pretends to be Genevieve, Genevieve wagers on her own performance–as Olivia Snow. She and Oscar Wilde go out on the town, a decision that will have both wishing they’d stayed at home and played cribbage. These two charades take unexpected turns during a wild weekend of kidnapping, cucumber sandwiches, bee stings, and love. This Oscar Wilde-esque romance-mystery-comedy will keep you guessing–and craving teacake.

“I loved the playful tone, the wit, the manic absurdity.” –Tinney Heath, author of A Thing Done and Lady of the Seven Suns

“The fast-paced narrative deftly layers secrets, twists, and revelations, keeping the reader guessing until the very end. I’d wager Wilde would have loved Wilde Wagers. And so will many of his fans.” — Dejan Kuzmanovic, Oscar Wilde scholar

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