The Stolen Goldin Violin Sequel

We’ve gotten a number of requests to write a sequel to The Stolen Goldin Violin, so I thought I would update you on that issue. I am currently working on an adult novel, a mystery taking place in 1880s England. I’m hoping to have this finished by June 2011. My next project could, indeed, be a sequel to The Stolen Goldin Violin.

I’ve had some very different requests about this sequel. Some people see it taking place at ASI the next year, with May, Hunter, Bayly and Sebastian as returning main characters. Some people see it taking place at ASI the next year with a different group of main characters. Others have moved us out to San Diego with May and Selena meeting up with Augustina Goldin.

What are YOUR thoughts? Do you like any of these ideas? Do you have ideas of your own? I’d love to hear from those who want a sequel. If you cannot respond to this blog, email us your thoughts about a sequel. We love to get fan mail: elizabethcfelt at (Replace the “at” with @ and leave out the spaces.)

Reject Bowker’s Manuscript Submission Service

Would you pay $200 a year to have your manuscript in a slush pile? This is what Bowker Publishing is asking authors to do.

If Bowker can convince publishers and editors to buy into its service, authors will have no way of reaching the publishing industry without paying exorbitant fees. Only writers who can afford to pay will get published.

I am outraged! Please, writers, refuse to submit to this service!!! Please, editors and agents, refuse to participate in this scheme!!!

Book Sales at Institute

The American Suzuki Institute is this week and our book is for sale in the institute store. The manager of the store says it is one of her best sellers! Our book signing yesterday went pretty well–many people had already bought the book from the store, and we sold some additional ones ourselves.

The most fun thing is to be walking around campus and seeing people we don’t know sitting in the shade or eating lunch at a picnic table and READING OUR BOOK! Very exciting!