Questions for The World According to Humphrey

by Betty G. Birney

Chapter One

  1. Where did Humphrey live before Ms Mac bought him?
  2. Who is the teacher now?
  3. Who wrote Guide to the Care and Feeding of Hamsters book?

Chapter Two

  1. What special treat did Miranda give Humphrey?
  2. Name two animals that are nocturnal.
  3. Whatis the name of the man who cleans at night?

Chapter Three

  1. Who is the quietest student?
  2. What does Aldo give to Humphrey?
  3. Why is Humphrey worried about the weekend?

Chapter Four

  1. What is the principal’s name?
  2. Who takes Humphrey home?
  3. What is Mr. Morales’ secret?

Chapter Five

  1. What food do they use to attract Humphrey?
  2. What is Mrs.Morales’ job?
  3. Who is the Moonlighter’s Club for?
  4. What machine does Mrs. Brisbane use?

Chapter Six

  1. What does Humphrey put on the overhead projector?
  2. Where is Ms Mac teaching?
  3. What does Sayeh promise to do? Does she do it? Why or why not?

Chapter Seven

  1. Who takes Humphrey home?
  2. What is Sayeh’s secret?
  3. What is Mrs. Nasiri learning?
  4. What song does the family sing?

Chapter Eight

  1. What does Mrs. Brisbane’s button say?
  2. What is Humphrey’s costume?
  3. Who wins for best trick?
  4. Who wins for best costume?
  5. Where does Maria work?

Chapter Nine

  1. Who takes Humphrey home?
  2. Who is Clem?
  3. What is Humprey’s weapon?
  4. What 2 animals might eat a hamster?

Chapter Ten

  1. Who takes Humphrey out of his cage?
  2. What does Garth want Humphrey to do?
  3. Why is Garth sad?
  4. Who does Aldo want to marry?

Chapter Eleven

  1. Who takes Humphrey home?
  2. What does Mrs. Brisbane call A.J.?
  3. What is always on in the Thomas house?
  4. Why does the TV stop?

Chapter Twelve

  1. Who comes to visit A.J.?
  2. What do the boys build with blocks?
  3. What will Sayeh and Miranda see together?
  4. Who does Humphrey go home with for Thanksgiving?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Who does Mrs. Brisbane live with?
  2. Why is Mr. Brisbane in a wheelchair?
  3. Who is Jason? Where does he live?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. What “game” do Humphrey and Mr. Brisbane play?
  2. What does Mr. Brisbane use to catch Humphrey?
  3. Who do they build for Humphrey?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. What can Aldo balance on his head?
  2. Who wants to take Humphrey home for the holidays?
  3. Who is the first suprirse vistor
  4. What do they build for Humphrey?
  5. Who is the second suprise vistior?
  6. Who is the third surprise vistor?