Questions for Stories by Enid Blyton

Tricky the Goblin

  1. Who goes to rescue Lightfoot the pixie?
  2. What is the trick for adding the 6s?
  3. What name does Tricky use to describe the wizard?

The Golliwog’s Hiccups

  1. What does the Golliwog like to drink?
  2. What do the toys think the Golliwog has inside him?
  3. When/how do Golly’s hiccups go away?

It Couldn’t Be Done

  1. What does George think 7×7 is?
  2. How many wishes does the sad man get every day?
  3. What is the wish the slave cannot do?
  4. What is George’s wish?

Billy the Goat and Billy the Boy

  1. What is the first pet Billy ever had?
  2. What does Billy the Goat eat that angers the mother?
  3. What happens to the cottage?
  4. How does the goat break the rope?
  5. What does the mother tell Billie to buy for the goat?

The Cat that Could Sing

  1. What happens to the cat after he eats the canary?
  2. What must Thomas do so that the witch will help him?
  3. How does Thomas carry the canary home?

The Monkey and the Toys

  1. Name a naughty thing the monkey did.
  2. Name 2 things that frighten the monkey.

The Puppy and the Pixie

  1. What is hurting the puppy’s paw?
  2. Who helps the puppy?
  3. Why is the Pixie unhappy?
  4. How does the puppy help?

The Astonishing Fish

  1. What do the two pixies want to catch?
  2. What do they catch instead?

The Forgotten Rabbit

  1. What do Allen and Peter do to the rabbit?
  2. Who rescues the rabbit?

Mister Grumble-Grumps

  1. Who comes to live with Mr. Grumble-Grumps?
  2. Name two people who can see the fairy.
  3. Why can’t Mr. Grumble-Grumps see the fairy?

Tale of Tuppy and Winks

  1. What does Tuppy turn Winks into?
  2. Who has the penny at last?