Questions for Jeremy

by Jan Karon

Chapter 1

  1. What is Lydia making?
  2. Where do the silver buttons come from?
  3. What name does she give the rabbit?
  4. What will the bunny always be?

Chapter 2

  1. Why doesn’t Jeremy like the box?
  2. Name one thing Lydia reminds Jeremy to do.

Chapter 3

  1. Who does Jeremy visit?
  2. Is there rabbit in “English rabbit”?
  3. Name 2 ingredients in “English rabbit”
  4. How does Mr. Prunehold help Jeremy?

Chapter 4

  1. Who chases Jeremy?
  2. Do they catch him?
  3. Who does Jeremy run into?

Chapter 5

  1. Who is Jethro?
  2. Name 3 sounds Jethro can imitate.
  3. What kind of song does Jethro sing?

Chapter 6

  1. Where does Jeremy go to get out of the rain?
  2. Who does he talk with?
  3. Who was he made for?
  4. Where does she live?

Chapter 7

  1. Who does Jeremy take a “carriage ride” with?
  2. Is the horse real?
  3. What does Mr. Piggs give them to eat?
  4. What does Mr. Piggs find behind the shed?

Chapter 8

  1. Where do the bunnies sleep?
  2. What does Jeremy offer to give the owl?
  3. What does the owl like to eat?

Chapter 9

  1. Who does Jeremy meet next?
  2. Does Jeremy want to stay with the rabbit family?
  3. Why does Jeremy leave?

Chapter 10

  1. Where is Jeremy going?
  2. Where does he take a nap?
  3. Who wakes Jeremy?

Chapter 11

  1. Who rescues Jeremy?
  2. What is the weather like?
  3. What is Jeremy doing when Candace finds him?