Questions for Ivy and Bean, Book 1

by Annie Barrows

No Thanks

  1. How old are Ivy and Bean?
  2. Where does Ivy live?
  3. Why doesn’t Bean want to play with Ivy?

Bean hatches a plan

  1. Who is Nancy?
  2. What does Nancy like to do?
  3. Why doesn’t Nancy buy the skirt?

The Ghost of Pancake Court

  1. Where is Bean hiding? Why?
  2. What is Ivy wearing?
  3. What does Bean pretend to be?

Bean Meets Ivy

  1. Name 2 bad things Bean does.
  2. Who will Nancy tell?
  3. Who helps Bean hide?
  4. Why must Bean close her eyes?

Ivy hatches a plan

  1. What is Ivy learning to be?
  2. What are the shapes on her robe?
  3. What does Ivy need in order to perform the invisibility spell?
  4. What spell do they want to try on Nancy?


  1. What does the sign on Ivy’s door say?
  2. What did Ivy use to make lines on her floor?
  3. What is the Barbie doll dressed like?
  4. What does Bean teach Ivy to draw?
  5. What colors does Bean use on Ivy’s face?


  1. Who gave Ivy a spell book?
  2. What do they need for the dancing spell?
  3. Name the owners of two yards Ivy and Bean walk through.
  4. How does Ivy get Mrs. Trantz to let them go?

Bean’s Backyard

  1. Name 3 things in Bean’s back yard
  2. How many worms do they need?
  3. Who is crying? Why?
  4. What does Ivy yell?

The Spell

  1. What does Bean throw at Nancy?
  2. What does Nancy do then?
  3. Where do Ivy and Bean hide?
  4. Did the dancing spell work?

No Dessert

  1. Where did Nancy fall?
  2. Who does Ivy want to do the spell on next?
  3. What will they make in Ivy’s room tomorrow?
  4. Do you think Ivy and Bean are friends now?