Questions for I Survived: The Shark Attacks, 1916

by Lauren Tarshis

Chapter 1

  1. Where is Chet swimming?
  2. What does he see in the water?

Chapter 2

  1. How much does Chet make working at the diner?
  2. What sport did Uncle Jerry play?
  3. What is the newspaper article about?
  4. Does Uncle Jerry believe the story? Why or Why not?

Chapter 3

  1. How did the Captain survive the shipwreck?
  2. Where did the Captain stab the shark?
  3. Does anyone believe the Captain’s story?
  4. Where are Chet’s parents?

Chapter 4

  1. How hot is it?
  2. Where do the boys swim?
  3. Does Chet hope to stay in Elm Hills with his uncle?

Chapter 5

  1. Was the gray triangle a shark? What was it?
  2. Why is Chet made and embarrassed?

Chapter 6

  1. What happened to Charles Bruder?
  2. What is the “Creek Monster”?

Chapter 7

  1. What does Chet use to look like blood?
  2. Where does Chet smear mud?
  3. Does Chet’s prank work?

Chapter 8

  1. How does Uncle Jerry react to the prank?
  2. Where did Uncle Jerry move after he hurt his leg?
  3. Why did he move back to Elm Hills?

Chapter 9

  1. Where does Chet go to look for his friends?
  2. Why does the water look like red smoke?
  3. What attacked Chet?

Chapter 10

  1. Do the people in the store believe Chet about the shark?
  2. Who does Chet think will believe him?

Chapter 11

  1. How could a shark get to the creek, according to the Captain?

Chapter 12

  1. Do the boys believe Chet at first?
  2. Why does Chet jump into the water?
  3. What does the shark bite?

Chapter 13

  1. Who did the shark kill?
  2. Who did it injure?
  3. How did the Captain scare away the shark?

Chapter 14

  1. Did Chet lose his leg?
  2. Where are Chet’s parents?

Chapter 15

  1. What happened to the shark?
  2. Who saved whom?
  3. Will the boys keep doing pranks?
  4. What is Uncle Jerry’s idea?

Gray Pages

  1. How much was Herman Oelrich’s award? What was the award for?
  2. How many people died of shark attacks in July 1916?
  3. What kind of shark do scientists think was in Matawan Bay?
  4. Are shark attacks rare?
  5. Name 3 ways you can avoid sharks.
  6. What state has the most shark attacks?
  7. How many sharks do humans kill every year?