Questions for I Survived: The Joplin Tornado, 2011

Chapter One:

  1. What happened in Joplin on Sunday, May 22, 2011?
  2. Where is Dexter when the tornado hits?

Chapter Two

  1. Who is Jeremy?
  2. Who is Zeke?

Chapter Three

  1. Does the car hit Dex? Why not?
  2. What is the name of Dr. Gage’s TV show?

Chapter Four

  1. Why doesn’t Dex’s mom want him to chase the storm?
  2. What was the best thing Jeremy learned in his Navy SEAL training?

Chapter Five

  1. What are supercells?
  2. How does Dr. Gage put the sound pods into the storm clouds?

Chapter Six

  1. Which is more dangerous, an EF-1 tornado or an EF-5 tornado?
  2. Can radar show a tornado?

Chapter Seven

  1. In Dr. Gage’s story, how old is Dr. Gage?
  2. How many people died in the Super Outbreak of 1974?

Chapter Eight

  1. What kind of clouds make tornados?
  2. What hits Dexter?

Chapter Nine

  1. What does the hailstone smell like?
  2. What is hidden inside the storm cloud?

Chapter Ten

  1. How big is the tornado?
  2. What are the pink dots on the radar?
  3. What does the tornado sound like?

Chapter Eleven

  1. Does the tornado pull Dex out the car window?
  2. Does the tornado lift the car off the ground?

Chapter Twelve

  1. What saved them from being sucked into the sky?
  2. Where is Dr. Gage?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Where is Dr. Gage bleeding?
  2. Who comes to help?
  3. Why doesn’t Dex go to the hospital?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. Is Dex’s house OK?
  2. Is Zeke OK?
  3. Are Dex’s parents OK?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. How many people died in the storm?
  2. Where did Dex’s parents hide from the tornado?
  3. What did Dex take from the SUV to give to Dr. Gage?
  4. What did Jeremy send to Dex?

Why I Wrote….

  1. Does the author have a favorite book in the I Survived series?
  2. Why does she always write about disasters?

At What Time….

At _____________________PM baseball-sized hail falls in Columbus, Kansas.

At _____________________PM the National Weather Service issues a tornado watch for Joplin.

At _____________________PM 28 tornado sirens wail in Joplin, Missouri.

At _____________________PM the tornado disappears into the sky.

At _____________________PM rail and hail fall in Parsons, Kansas.

At _____________________PM a new tornado warning is issued that includes all of Joplin.

Where do you go when you are at home and the tornado sirens sound?