Questions for I Survived: The Battle of Gettysburg

Chapter One:

  1. What war is being fought?
  2. What was Thomas’s job?

Chapter Two

  1. What happened to Thomas and Birdie’s mother?
  2. What happened to Clem?
  3. Why do Thomas and Birdie run away?

Chapter Three

  1. What does Thomas look for in the dark sky?
  2. Where do Thomas and Birdie hide?

Chapter Four

  1. Who is in the tree?
  2. What is a Yankee?
  3. Why does Birdie whimper?

Chapter Five

  1. What does Thomas throw at the soldiers?
  2. Who is the bloodied soldier?
  3. Who saved Henry’s life?

Chapter Six

  1. Who does Birdie help?
  2. Where are they marching to?

Chapter Seven

  1. How do people in the North feel about slavery?
  2. How do people in the South feel about slavery?

Chapter Eight

  1. What weapon is so heavy horses must pull it?
  2. Why are the soldiers scared?

Chapter Nine

  1. Who is Mary?
  2. What happened when Mr. Knox found out Clem could read?
  3. Where does Henry invite them to live?

Chapter Ten

  1. What happened to Birdie’s wagon?
  2. What does Thomas find covered in blood?

Chapter Eleven

  1. What happened to Birdie?
  2. What does Thomas do?

Chapter Twelve

  1. Where does Henry throw the pistol?
  2. What did the Union soldier capture from the Rebels?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Why are the men fighting for Birdie and Thomas?
  2. Who will keep Birdie and Thomas safe?
  3. What does Henry give Thomas before the battle?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. What is Thomas helping to deliver?
  2. Where is Thomas injured?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. Where is Thomas when he wakes up?
  2. What saved Thomas’s life
  3. Who is standing by Thomas’s bed?

Chapter Sixteen

  1. Where are they living?
  2. Did Henry survive the battle?
  3. What was Clem’s new plan?