Questions for According to Humphrey: School Days

by Betty G. Birney

Chapter One

  1. Who are Room 26’s two classroom pets?
  2. What is on Principal Morales’ tie?
  3. What is Paul good at?

Chapter Two

  1. What does Joseph want to be called?
  2. Who got married and where?
  3. What/Who is Aki?
  4. What happened to Kelsey during the summer?
  5. What is Holly’s job?

Chapter Three

  1. Which student is late from recess? Why?
  2. What are the nicknames Humphrey gives to the two Pauls?
  3. What grade is Ms. Mac teaching?

Chapter Four

  1. Why is Humphrey looking in other classrooms?
  2. Who makes a Rum-Rum-Rum noise?
  3. What happens when Humphrey tries to visit Room 25?

Chapter Five

  1. What are 3 interesting facts about Humphrey?
  2. What does Thomas collect?
  3. Who visits Humphrey?
  4. What can Tall-Paul do?

Chapter Six

  1. Who is a mammal and who is an amphibian?
  2. What was the Boom! noise?
  3. What do the children do on rainy days instead of recess?
  4. Who needs to “hurry-up”?

Chapter Seven

  1. Which two students visit Humphrey?
  2. Where does Humphrey go for the first weekend?
  3. Who are 2 people in wheelchairs?

Chapter Eight

  1. Who does Mrs. Wright say was fighting?
  2. Who does Mrs. Wright say did something dangerous?
  3. What did Rosie do?
  4. What did Paul do to Thomas?

Chapter Nine

  1. Name 2 animals that come from eggs.
  2. Who takes Humphrey home?
  3. How old is Max?
  4. What activity does Paul do near Humphrey?
  5. What does Humphrey dream?

Chapter Ten

  1. Who picks up Humphrey’s ball? Why?
  2. Who has trouble remembering her homework?
  3. Which teacher does not want classroom pets?

Chapter Eleven

  1. Why is Humphrey worried?
  2. Why does Og yell “Scree! Scree!”?
  3. What’s a primate?
  4. What’s a rodent?
  5. What does Humphrey do at night?

Chapter Twelve

  1. Name one job and the 2 students who will do it.
  2. Who takes Humphrey home?
  3. What time does Harry (and his parents) go to bed?
  4. What time is Harry’s soccer game?
  5. What game do they play in the basement?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Who visits Room 26?
  2. What does Humphrey do for Miss Becker to show off?
  3. What does Og do?
  4. Do you think Og or Humprey will have to leave?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. Which two partners didn’t get along at first?
  2. How do Paul and Paul decorate the bulletin board?
  3. What extra things does Aldo bring into the classroom?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. What kind of pets will Miss Becker’s class get?
  2. Will Humphrey or Og move rooms?
  3. What are the extra chairs for?
  4. What kind of animal is a hermit crab?
  5. Who does Humphrey visit?