The Boxcar Children

by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Chapter One:

  1. What are the names of the four children?
  2. What happened to their parents?
  3. Why don’t they like their grandfather?
  4. Where will the baker take Benny?

Chapter Two

  1. What does Benny pretend to be?
  2. Where do the children sleep?
  3. Who is looking for the children?
  4. What do the children use to make beds?

Chapter Three

  1. Where do the children go to get out of the rain?
  2. Why does Henry leave?
  3. What food did Jessie see in the woods?

Chapter Four

  1. What is wrong with the dog?
  2. What does Henry being back from the store?
  3. What does Benny name the dog?
  4. What does Jessie make with the string?

Chapter Five

  1. What is their funny refrigerator?
  2. Why does Henry go to town?
  3. What are three treasures they find at the dump?
  4. Why does Jessie want hot water?

Chapter Six

  1. What does Henry have in his bundles?
  2. What work did Henry do?
  3. What did the cook give Henry?

Chapter Seven

  1. What does Mrs. Moore ask Henry to do?
  2. What did Benny build with the stones?
  3. How many hammers does the doctor have?
  4. What food do the children make?

Chapter Eight

  1. What does Benny carry in his cart?
  2. What do the children make?
  3. What does Jessie wash?
  4. What does Watch chase?
  5. How many eggs do they find?

Chapter Nine

  1. What are the children doing for the doctor?
  2. What are they paid for their work?
  3. How much is the reward to find the “lost children”?

Chapter Ten

  1. What does the winner of the free-for-all race get?
  2. What is Henry’s number?
  3. Who wins the free-for-all race?
  4. What did Henry buy for supper?

Chapter Eleven

  1. What do they make out of Benny’s old stocking?
  2. What does Benny do to Watch?
  3. What happens to Violet?
  4. Who is the man who comes to see the doctor?

Chapter Twelve

  1. What is the man’s name?
  2. Where is a cucumber growing?
  3. Where did Henry see the man before?
  4. Are the children happy the man is their grandfather?
  5. What did they eat?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. What is in Violet’s room?
  2. What is in Benny’s room?
  3. What is in Jessie’s room?
  4. What is the surprise?