The Boxcar Children: Mystery of the Missing Painting

by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Chapter One:

  1. How old is each child? Henry, Benny, Violet and Jessie
  2. What did Mrs. MacGregor give them for the boxcar?
  3. What are 3 ideas they have for the party?
  4. Who is the painting of?

Chapter Two

  1. What was their grandmother’s name?
  2. What happened to the necklace?
  3. Where did the police think the necklace might be?
  4. What does Jessie see in the newspaper?

Chapter Three

  1. Who do the children visit?
  2. What time can they meet with Mrs. Harkins?
  3. Who loaned the necklace to Mrs. Harkins?
  4. What are the museum’s hours?

Chapter Four

  1. Who do they talk to at the museum?
  2. Name 2 things about their picnic.
  3. What does the person on the phone tell Jessie?

Chapter Five

  1. What happened to the drawing of the necklace?
  2. Who donated the necklace to the museum?
  3. Who is following them?
  4. Name 2 things they do in Kenniston Park.

Chapter Six

  1. Who answers the door?
  2. Is Mrs. Newton friendly? What does she do to Jessie?
  3. What did grandfather put over the mantelpiece?

Chapter Seven: Part 1

  1. To what address house do the children ride their bikes?
  2. Who lives there?
  3. Who visits the house?
  4. What does Mrs. Barstow yell at Mrs. Garrison?

Chapter Seven: Part 2

  1. What does Benny drop?
  2. What will Henry give grandfather for his birthday?
  3. Why does everyone wake up?
  4. What are two things they notice in the living room?

Chapter Eight: Part 1

  1. Who calls Jessie on the phone?
  2. What does she want?
  3. Does she show up?
  4. Where will they meet Mrs. Garrison?

Chapter Eight: Part 2

  1. What does Jessie order at the ice cream shop?
  2. Who brings the necklace to grandfather?
  3. Who stole the necklace?
  4. Who threw away Violet’s drawing of the necklace?
  5. What does Jessie want to do with the necklace?

Chapter Nine

  1. What will Benny wear to the party?
  2. What kind of sweater do they buy for Grandfather?
  3. What kind of cake do they make?
  4. What present does Mrs. Newton bring?