Questions for The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Pages 1-10

  1. Where does Ivan live?
  2. Who are Ivan’s dearest friends?
  3. What is wrong with the picture of Ivan on the billboard?

Pages 11-20

  1. What are some things in Ivan’s domain?
  2. What is Not-Tag?
  3. Who was Tag?
  4. Who gave Ivan his first crayon?
  5. How much do Ivan’s pictures cost?

Pages 21-30

  1. How many days has Ivan been in his domain?
  2. What do both Ivan and Stella love to eat?
  3. What kind of animal is Stella?
  4. What is wrong with Stella’s foot?

Pages 31-40

  1. How many pounds of food should a silverback gorilla eat every day?
  2. What kind of animal is Bob?
  3. What yellow thing did Ivan draw? How many?

Pages 41-50

  1. Who is Julia? Who is George? Who is Sara?
  2. What does Julia want to be when she grows up?
  3. Who gave Bob his name?

Pages 51-60

  1. What does Stella do when she can’t sleep?
  2. Who has taken care of Ivan the longest?
  3. What black thing does Ivan draw?

Pages 61-70

  1. How does Stella know the new animal will be a baby elephant?
  2. Did Jambo hurt the boy who fell into his domain?
  3. What is the baby elephant’s name?

Pages 71-81

  1. Why does Stella limp?
  2. What does Ivan do with Julia’s pencil and paper?
  3. Where was Ruby born?
  4. What happened to Ruby’s family?

Pages 82-96

  1. What do George and Mack add to the billboard?
  2. Why does Ivan love to draw?
  3. What treat does George have for Stella?
  4. What does Bob do when he’s bored?
  5. Name 3 things Ivan draws for Ruby.

Pages 97-105

  1. What is the hardest part of being a parent, according to Stella?
  2. Why are more people coming to the mall?
  3. What did the humans do after Ruby fell in the hole?
  4. Who killed Ruby’s family?

Pages 106-116

  1. Why does Ruby perform without Stella?
  2. Where does Bob sleep best?
  3. What promise does Ivan make?
  4. Who is the first to know that Stella died?

Pages 117-129

  1. Where was Ivan born?
  2. What game did Ivan and his sister play?
  3. What was Ivan’s name when he was little?
  4. What are 2 skills a gorilla will need as an adult?
  5. What happened to Tag?

Pages 130-146

  1. Name some things Ivan broke.
  2. What does Ivan “paint” with on the refrigerator?
  3. What did Ivan realize about his new domain?
  4. How many days has Ivan been living with humans?

Pages 147-160

  1. Why does Ruby stop?
  2. Does George think Mack might hurt Ruby?
  3. What does Julia give Ivan?
  4. What does Ivan make?

Pages 161-180

  1. What is the difference between a domain and a cage?
  2. Where would Ruby be safe?
  3. Where does Ivan hide his pictures? Why?
  4. Is Ivan happy with his pictures?

Pages 181-196

  1. What does Ivan watch on TV?
  2. What is Ivan painting?
  3. Where does Ivan hide his pictures now?
  4. What is the 12th word?

Pages 197-220

  1. To whom does Ivan give all his paintings?
  2. What is the thumping noise that make George and Julia spin around?
  3. Can Julia and George put the puzzle together?
  4. Where does Ivan want his picture to go?

Pages 221-237

  1. What are Ivan’s new names?
  2. What do the people with the signs want?
  3. Why is there a large box in the center ring?
  4. What does the circle with the giraffe mean?

Pages 238-254

  1. Does Ruby want to go into the box? Does Ivan?
  2. Why is Bob sad?
  3. What gift does Julia give Ivan?
  4. Can Bob go live at the zoo too?
  5. Will Ruby get in the box?

Pages 255-266

  1. Why is Mack sad?
  2. What gift does Ivan give Bob?
  3. Is Ivan at the zoo? Where is he?

Pages 267-283

  1. What is on the TV?
  2. When Maya opens the blinds, what does Ivan see out the window?
  3. What is the female gorilla’s name?
  4. Is Ivan afraid to meet the other gorillas?

Pages 279-283

  1. What does Ivan use to make a nest?
  2. What does Ivan see on the TV?
  3. What does Ivan try to tell Maya?

Pages 284-end

  1. What game do Kinyana and Ivan play?
  2. Where does Ivan draw? With what?
  3. What can Ivan see when he climbs the tree?
  4. Who comes to visit Ivan?
  5. Where does Bob live now?