Questions for Skylark

Skylark by Patricia MacLachlan

Chapter 1

  1. What makes everyone laugh when they are getting their picture taken?
  2. Whose name does Caleb write in the dirt? Why?

Chapter 2

  1. Why is Seal “fat”?
  2. What was “between the lines” in Papa’s letters?

Chapter 3

  1. Why do they want rain?
  2. Who are Mame and Moonbeam?
  3. What does Sarah do when Papa worries about the weather?

Chapter 4

  1. Name 3 things the aunts write about in their letters.
  2. What did Caleb put on the fence post? Why?

Chapter 5

  1. Why do they have to be careful with their water?
  2. Why are Caroline and her family moving?

Chapter 6

  1. What happens to Sarah’s skirt?
  2. Does Sarah want to leave?

Chapter 7

  1. What does Caleb dream about?
  2. What happens that is the “worst thing”?
  3. Does Sarah love the land?

Chapter 8

  1. What does the coyote want?
  2. What 2 things are missing from the fence?
  3. Why do guests come to their house?
  4. What gift does Anna give Sarah?

Chapter 9

  1. What catches on fire and burns?
  2. Who will move to Maine? Who will stay?

Chapter 10

  1. Who cried when Jacob and Sarah married? Why?
  2. How do they get from the train station to the aunts’ house?
  3. Who is Brutus?

Chapter 11

  1. How long was Sarah gone from Maine?
  2. How many kittens did Seal have?
  3. What do Anna and Caleb dream?

Chapter 12

  1. Why is Sarah like a skylark and a prairie lark?
  2. What is “skinny dipping”?

Chapter 13

  1. Does Caleb want to go to school in Maine?
  2. Where does Anna find Caleb?

Chapter 14

  1. What is Papa’s news?
  2. Why is Anna worried that Sarah is pregnant?

Chapter 15

  1. What does Sarah write in the dirt?
  2. Name 3 things that will come in the spring.