Questions for I Survived: The Hindenburg

I Survived: The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937 by Lauren Tarshis

Chapter One:

  1. What is the Hindenburg?
  2. What happened to it?
  3. Who does Hugo want to find?

Chapter Two

  1. What is the German word for airship?
  2. Who is Panya?
  3. Are dogs allowed in the passenger areas?

Chapter Three

  1. What job do Hugo’s parents have?
  2. Why did they live in Kenya?
  3. Why are they going home to New York City?

Chapter Four

  1. Who is Germany’s leader?
  2. Who scared the snake on Hugo’s bed?

Chapter Five

  1. How many times has Marty ridden in a zeppelin?
  2. Who does Marty’s father work for?

Chapter Six

  1. What is the game that Gertie, Hugo and Marty play when they see new people?

Chapter Seven

1.Who are the Nazis looking for?

2.What does Hugo dream about?

Chapter Eight

  1. What ocean are they flying over?
  2. Why is everyone worried?

Chapter Nine

  1. Who is making the noise?
  2. What were the first zeppelins used as?

Chapter Ten

  1. What was Gertie’s temperature?
  2. Why is the zeppelin behind schedule?
  3. What does Gertie want?

Chapter Eleven

  1. Why is Hugo sneaking around?
  2. Who is the spy?

Chapter Twelve

  1. Does Mr. Singer see Hugo?
  2. What did the baboon do to distract the hippo?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Who found Hugo and Panya?
  2. Does Colonel Kohl let Hugo take the dog to Gertie?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. Is Gertie still sick in the morning?
  2. Why can’t the zeppelin land when they reach New Jersey?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. Who helps Hugo stand up?
  2. How does Marty escape the fire?

Chapter Sixteen

  1. How does Colonel Kohl die?
  2. Why does Hugo curl into a ball on the ground?

Chapter Seventeen

  1. Where is Hugo?
  2. What is wrong with him?
  3. Is Gertie still sick?

Would you want to ride in a zeppelin?

  1. Are zeppelins the same as blimps?
  2. What could people see from a zeppelin’s windows?
  3. After the Hindenburg disaster, did anyone fly across the ocean in a zeppelin again?

Questions and Answers

  1. Did a bomb cause the disaster?
  2. What was the deadliest airship disaster? How many people died?
  3. Which is like a balloon: a blimp or a zeppelin?
  4. When did Adolf Hitler become the ruler of Germany?
  5. Did Americans refuse to sell helium to Germany?
  6. How much does it cost to ride a zeppelin today?