Questions for Feathers

Feathers by Jacqueline Woodson

Chapter One

  1. What is different about the new boy?
  2. Frannie’s brother Sean doesn’t talk, he signs. What does that mean?
  3. Describe Trevor.

Chapter Two

  1. Who does the new boy eat lunch with?
  2. Does Frannie like Samantha? Why?
  3. Does Frannie like Maribel? Why not?

Chapter Three

  1. What school does Frannie go to?
  2. What school does Sean go to?
  3. Why does Sean go to a special school?

Chapter Four

  1. How did Trevor break his arm?
  2. What are some snacks that Ms. Johnson has brought to school?
  3. Why does Jesus Boy cry?

Chapter Five

  1. Who is Lila?

Chapter Six

  1. What job does Samantha’s father have?
  2. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?
  3. Why does Samantha think Jesus boy might be the real Jesus?
  4. Does Franny agree?

Chapter Seven

  1. Why did Frannie’s mother go to the hospital?
  2. What does “surreal” mean?

Chapter Eight

  1. What are the three things Sean is good at?
  2. What is Frannie good at cooking?
  3. Why is Frannie’s mom tired?

Chapter Nine

  1. What room does Frannie clean on Saturday?
  2. Where is she going with her father?

Chapter Ten

  1. What game is Sean playing?
  2. Does Jesus Boy know how to sign?
  3. What color is Jesus Boy’s dad?

Chapter Eleven

  1. What singer does Frannie like?
  2. Describe Frannie’s grandma.

Chapter Twelve

  1. Why does Samantha call Frannie?
  2. Does Frannie want to go to church?
  3. Why does Frannie go to church?

Chapter Thirteen

  1. Why do the girls talk to Sean?
  2. Why do they leave?

Chapter Fourteen

  1. Why does Trevor want to fight Jesus Boy?
  2. Why does Trevor fall down?
  3. Who helps Trevor?

Chapter Fifteen

  1. Read the poem at the beginning and draw a picture of “hope.”
  2. Is Jesus Boy Jesus?
  3. How does Frannie know?

Chapter Sixteen

  1. Why is Samantha sad?

Chapter Seventeen

  1. What are Frannie and her mom making for dinner?
  2. What did the doctor say?

Chapter Eighteen

  1. What are some things the students have in common?

Chapter Nineteen

  1. Why did Frannie help Trevor during the fight?
  2. What is meant by “a little bit of Jesus” is inside everyone?

Chapter Twenty

  1. Is Jesus boy adopted?

Chapter Twenty-One

  1. Are Frannie and Jesus Boy friends?

Chapter Twenty-Two

  1. Is Frannie too big for her mother’s lap?