by Sara Pennypacker

Chapter 1

  1. What two people cut Margaret’s hair?
  2. Who gets in trouble?
  3. What is Clementine afraid of?

Chapter 2

  1. What happened to Polka Dot the cat?
  2. What color did Clementine color Margaret’s hair?
  3. In Clementine’s family, who is the “easy one”
  4. Who is the “hard one”?

Chapter 3

  1. What is Clementine’s dad’s job?
  2. What does Clementine plan to say to Margaret’s mom?
  3. What happens instead?
  4. What is Clementine’s mom’s job?
  5. What does Clementine use to eat lentils?

Chapter 4

  1. Why doesn’t Clementine want to go to school?
  2. Why did she cut her hair?
  3. What does Clementine say she is allergic to?

Chapter 5

  1. What does Margaret have on her teeth?
  2. What color is Clementine’s hair now?
  3. What happens with the wok?

Chapter 6

  1. What is something Clementine is “not mad” at Margaret about?
  2. Does Clementine have a beard?
  3. What is the brown stuff on her cheek?
  4. What is the mess on the front of the building?
  5. What is Clementine’s idea to fix the problem?

Chapter 7

  1. What are two bad things for Clementine in the morning?
  2. Who is Margaret’s new best friend?
  3. What is Dad’s idea to scare the pigeons away?
  4. Does it work?

Chapter 8

  1. Why does Clementine pretend to be mad?
  2. How many times does Clementine fall trying to do the stilts?
  3. What does Mrs. Jacobi do with her Cheerios?
  4. How does Clementine get the pigeons to move to the side of the building?

Chapter 9

  1. What does Clementine make out of bologna?
  2. What does Clementine make for Margaret?
  3. What does Clementine think the party is for?

Chapter 10

  1. What does Clementine clean?
  2. Name three things Clementine finds in the “Black Hole” under her bed.
  3. What does the cake say?
  4. What did they “only need one” of?