Making the World a Better Place

Today seems like a good day to point out something good happening in the world.

 Heifer International  helps families in developing nations buy animals or other agricultural products that can reproduce, thus feeding themselves and providing off-spring which they can give to their neighbors, thus helping the entire village.  I donate to Heifer every year in April, for my mother’s birthday, and in November through World Builders.

World Builders is run by my fellow Stevens Point writer Patrick Rothfuss, who gets authors to donate books (Syncopation and The Stolen Goldin Violin are two of the lesser-know titles) and other cool things. You can bid on items or donate to Heifer and get your name in a lottery for items.  Last year (if I’m getting my research right) World Builders raised $311,699.00 for Heifer.  So, join the fun and learn what’s going on at World Builders.

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