Haiku Marquee

Downtown Stevens Point is the home of the Fox Theater, which has not been in operation for the twelve years that I’ve lived in town (due to some local squabble about which I do not care).  But now, thanks to the Haiku Marquee Project, poets can submit haiku and monthly winners will have their haiku posted to the theater’s marquee.  Adult winners are on one side of the marquee and school-aged winners on the other side.

Both of my sons have submitted haiku, and I’m so proud of their poems that I got permission to post them here.  If they win, I’ll post a picture of the marquee.

I was born to lead
people across this highway
It’s safe, please follow m–

–Thomas Felt, age 12


Stuck inside this box
Broken elevators stink
I need to go pee

–Craig Felt, age 16

For more information about haiku on the Fox Theater marquee, visit their Facebook page or read this article at Verse Wisconsin.

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