Author Interview: Debra Brown

Today I’m welcoming Debra Brown to my series of author interviews. Debra is the author of The Companion of Lady Holmeshire.

Q: Can you give us a brief description of your novel?

A: Sure! In about 1820 England, Emma was found and raised by a squire and then sent to work as a servant in the household of the Countess of Holmeshire. The widowed lady chose her as a companion and sent her for training in the ways of gentility. Emma was then dragged along into polite London society, where she received a rude reception. She had eyes for the young Earl of Holmeshire, but he was out of her class and engaged by arrangement. The story has elements of suspense and sweet romance.

Q: How much historical fact is woven into The Companion of Lady Holmeshire?

A: Some historical persons are mentioned, such as Caroline, Princess of Wales and her daughter Charlotte of Wales, as well as Queen Victoria. Everything mentioned about them in the book is fictional, but based on historical truth.

Q: What made you interested in this time period?

A: It started in my childhood with, believe it or not, Nancy Drew mysteries. I read them all, but all I really remember is a picture in my mind of Nancy Drew in an old Victorian house. Over the years there were other novels and movies that I loved- all historical fiction and pretty much English. When it comes to movies, I just don’t have much interest in anything but period drama.

Q: What moved you to start writing?

A: I had both a day job and a jewelry business. In the evenings, I would watch period movies and make jewelry. During the recession, my job ended and my business slowed down drastically. But the real crisis was that I ran out of movies! I thought it would be fun to write something like the Jane Austen stories, and so I did, starting as just a hobby.  I’m happy to say that my book has a four star rating- so I guess most of my readers didn’t realize I was writing just for fun!

Q: Do you have another book in the works?

A: Yes, I do. It has a working title of For the Skylark. It is about some young adult twins who have been raised on an estate by their mother, a strange and mysterious woman based on Charles Dickens’ Miss Havisham. She has secluded them from society, and they pretty much just have each other, as she spends her time in an attic-dome and the servants are not allowed to chat with the children. They live by a set of strict household rules. The story starts as the young man starts to want to see the outside world- and his sister wants to prevent that. She has been content and feels that they must leave well enough alone.

Q: Are your books part of a series?

A: Companion is not. Skylark is intended to be the beginning of a series. I can hardly wait to start on the next one! And who knows, I might have them meet the Holmeshires someday.

Q: What do you do to promote your books?

A: I was lost in the beginning, to be perfectly honest. I had a publisher, but I knew I needed to do more. I set up a Facebook profile and learned to use Twitter, and through that I became acquainted with other authors, and I began to see how they promoted their books. I started blogging, and later started a multi-author blog called English Historical Fiction Authors. Our goal is to have a new historical post every day, and so far we have done so since our launch on Sept. 23rd, 2011. We have a great group on Facebook where we chat with readers and other authors. Join us there!

Q: Enough of your book: tell us about yourself.

A: How boring is that! Well, I grew up in Minnesota and then the San Diego area. I went to nursing school and then spent years raising children and being too sick to work. During those years, I studied homeopathy and art, and I got my health back. I enjoy oil painting and all kinds of creative pursuits, but I must admit to being tired of making jewelry, at least for now. Writing books has been a great joy, and I really have gotten to know some wonderful people through this pursuit.

We’ve now reached the time in our interview for the let’s-get-to-know-the-author-better, nearly-pointless, sort-of-silly, rapid-fire questions:

Coffee or tea?

Green tea, thank you, since coffee causes my eczema to flare up.

Ocean or mountain?

Ocean. Could I have a clipper ship please?

Hiking or shopping?

Shopping and out to eat.

Violin or piano?


Mystery or fantasy?


Darcy or Heathcliff?

Can I say Knightley?

Love scene or death scene

Yikes! Love please.

Thanks, Debra, for visiting today. If you’d like to learn more about Debra and her books, visit her blogs: and

To order her books:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Thanks so much for the interview, and for all who came to read!

Thank you, Debra, for joining me today.  If you’d like to learn more about Debra, visit her blog:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Thanks so much for the interview, and for all who came to read!

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