Book Launch with Pictures

The book launch was fabulous! I thank everyone who came, and I am totally in awe of the staff at Cornerstone Press for doing such a marvelous job putting it all together. We estimated a crowd of about 150 (there were 150 chairs, nearly all filled, and people standing). I’m still waiting to hear how many books were sold.

So, here are some photos:

Cornerstone Press staff setting up the book table.  In addition to Syncopation, other Cornerstone titles were available, as was The Stolen Goldin Violin.

I greet a table of very important guests.

Guests check out the book table.


The place is starting to fill up!

Boone Sorenson (program emcee, on left) and Per Henningsgaard (Cornerstone editor-in-chief, in center) discuss the order of the program.

The frightening moment arrives and I have to take the stage.  I talk about writing Syncopation and then read an excerpt.

I sign books.

Kristen and Boone draw the names of the raffle winners.(Don’t the raffle prizes look wonderful?)

Again, a heartfelt thanks to those of you who came and those of you who made the event so wonderful.

If you live outside central Wisconsin and would like me to visit a bookstore in your area, please contact me: elizabethcfelt at  I love to travel!!


8 thoughts on “Book Launch with Pictures

  1. Elizabeth–Congratulations! It looks as though everyone had a lovely time. I couldn’t make the launch, but let me know where to buy the book.

  2. Wow! How incredibly cool! I wish I could have been there (As one of a handful of people who have read the book!..) Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! I am sorry that I did not make it to join the celebrations. It looks like it was a wonderful time, and that many excited people made an appearance. I can imagine your own excitement! I’m very happy for you!

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