Stella’s Workshop, a working title

My family went skiing today, and I stayed home to think. I thought all day.

I dyed my hair with henna and thought. I sat in front of a football game and thought. I did the dishes and thought. I vacuumed and thought.

Then I typed up some of those thoughts.

After about eight straight hours of focused thinking, I’ve come up with a basic outline for my next novel: a children’s fantasy. I’m thrilled with this new story idea. It’s a little bit Artemis Fowl, a little bit Harry Potter, a little bit Ella Enchanted, a little bit Despereaux, a little bit Septimus Heap, and all my own.

A few minutes ago, I danced around the living room to Alanis Morissette to celebrate my day of thinking.  Now it’s time to get off the computer and dance a little more.


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