Win a Book Contest

Tell me about your favorite children’s novel–and win a signed copy of The Stolen Goldin Violin.

Do you remember one of your first favorite books? I’m excluding picture books, although there are, of course, wonderful picture books.  I want to hear about that first novel, that first full-length story you fell in love with. Tell me what you remember about it and why you loved it so much.  This contest is open to everyone, so children can tell me about their current favorites, older people can tell me about books they loved as children, or books they discovered by reading to their own children.  I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Email your stories to elizabethcfelt at (replacing “at” with the proper symbol and eliminating spaces), or friend me on Facebook and post a description of your favorite children’s book on my wall.

Valid entries must include more than just a title–I want to hear about your connection to the book. One valid entry per person.  For every person who enters, I will write his/her name on a card and put it in my “hat.”  I will draw the winner on August 1.

Have questions about the contest?  Email me or post to me on Facebook.

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