Getting It Done

But what is “it” ?

Yesterday I had a long list of things I needed to do.  I was quite busy until about 4:00, when I looked at my list to cross things off and discovered I’d actually only finished one of the jobs.  I had partially completed a few more, but I had yet to begin the majority of things on my list.

How do writers get things done?  If you follow my blog, you’ll notice how rarely I post.  How do other bloggers post so regularly?  How do they have the time?   I read the blogs of other writers and am just shocked at how often they post.  Do they do anything else?  Do they work on their novels?  Do they have families?  Do they exercise? clean their homes? eat?

I suppose with better time management, I could improve, but then I wonder if there isn’t some other problem at work.  As Landon Parke-Laine said,

I’m trying to figure out whether the lack of progress is writer’s block, procrastination, idleness or just plain incompetence. –Jasper Fforde, Thursday Next First Among Sequels

It’s comforting to see other writers struggle with this problem too (even if they are fictional).

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