Back to Writing

School ended last week and so I’m back to writing every day. The first two days weren’t very good. I’m still having trouble with this new novel; it doesn’t seem to flow as easily as my others did. When I’m not writing, I don’t seem to think about it much.

Anyway, I think I’ve decided on a pattern that will help me continue to write daily. One day I spit out what I need to get out: describe a specific event, introduce a new character, etc. This can be done as well or as poorly as necessary just to keep the story moving. So far, my first day on a new scene has been miserable. I get out what I need, but the writing is clunky, the characters are flat, and I feel like a total failure. But then I find myself re-thinking the scene. Ah… I could have done this better, oh, this character should wait and appear after this… and so on. The next day is clean up day. I improve the scene and feel good about it: a scene well-written in two days. Then I’m back to a garbage day. Today is a garbage day for me. Knowing that really takes the pressure off. I’ll get out what needs to happen and then I can focus on improvement.

2 thoughts on “Back to Writing

  1. I think your plan is a good one and will help with the writer’s block you seem to have. And it works, because the chapter you wrote the first time didn’t have the usual “sparkle,” but it did the second time around. So keep at it!

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