Pi Day, two days late

My son Tom and I have decided to collaborate on another book. We talked about this during breakfast today. It will be another children’s mystery, but this one we will write in Pilish. The most famous sentence written in Pilish, according to the Writer’s Almanac, was written by English physicist Sir James Jeans:

How I need a drink, alcoholic in nature, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics!

Note that “How” has 3 letters, “I” has 1 letter, “need” has 4 letters (3.14… ) which is Pi. So, the entire sentence uses words with the number of letters in the same sequence as the numbers that make up Pi. Because Pi goes on forever, it would be possible to write an entire novel in Pilish. Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s quite a challenge, but Tom and I are up for it. I’m not sure when we’ll find the time to attack this puzzle, but I’ll keep you updated.

Gosh, if we write a book using Pi, will I have to change the subheading of my blog????

2 thoughts on “Pi Day, two days late

  1. What a gift to your son(s) to evoke and validate imagination and concretize it in such a fun way. Good job, Mom !!

  2. What a a gift to your son(s) !! To evoke, validate and concretize imagination in such a fun way.

    Good job, Mom.

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