National Novel Writing Month

nanorimoI believe that doing something uncomfortable or difficult often expands creativity and gives a person greater confidence and strength. So . . . I’m going to try to write somebody else’s ideas very fast.

I’ve just registered for the National Novel Writing Month (, and I’m going to write a children’s mystery that my husband and kids and I all made up during a hiking trip this past summer. I’ve been trying to think about this story for a while, but the characters won’t talk to me, and I have a hard time focusing on the outline and plot details. I concentrate, and then the story drifts like smoke out my ears, and ten minutes later I realize I haven’t been thinking about it at all.

November should be an interested month. I’ll try to update you from time to time, but with trying to write 1700 words a day, be forewarned: I may not update this blog until December.

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