Quick thinking!

These are not words that are often said to me.  I’m a slow thinker.  The electric pulses don’t snap in my skull, rather they ooze like thick lava on a barely inclined plane.  This is why I became a writer.  A writer can take a long time.  Write, read, re-write, read, edit, read, re-write.  It can take me twenty minutes to send a short email.  This blog has taken more than a week.

I think most blogs are the work of clever, quick-thinking people.  Not this blog.  If you notice I haven’t posted anything for several weeks, it’s because the lava hasn’t descended far enough.  Pumice is worth the wait.  Isn’t it?

One thought on “Quick thinking!

  1. Sorry, my dear, but there’s nothin’ slow about you. Deliberative is another trait altogether, and one which I admire. And when was it ever wrong to edit an e-mail? I would be ashamed to send some of the missives I receive from some of the best writers I know…

    As for pumice, maybe. But diamonds also take a lot of time.

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